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At AltSignals, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. With an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot and over 493 reviews, it’s clear that our clients are consistently satisfied with the results we deliver.


Why invest in $ASI token?

AltSignals will be a pioneering provider of AI-driven trading solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower traders and investors. With a commitment to driving innovation and optimizing performance, AltSignals offers a comprehensive suite of AI-based tools for enhanced investment decision-making.

Gain membership for the AltSignals AI Ecosystem (ActualizeAI).
Gain increasing levels of access to the new AI system, based on the number of tokens held.
Gain access to the AI Members Club’, allowing you to contribute ideas towards the development of new products and gain early access to features.
50K $ASI token holders can mint a limited edition ‘Access AI Pass’ that activates a passive income opportunity on all new products released to the trading community.

Available Packages for $ASI Token Holders

10K Holders

Equiv. $150

25K Holders

Equiv. $375

50k Holders

Equiv. $750

AltScalpPRO (Scalping indicator)
10 Day Free Trial - AltAlgo (Main indicator), Cluster package V1, 2 (Reversals)
Limited Signals from ActualizeAI
Limited levels of autotrading access
(All Starter features)
Whitelist pre-sale opportunities on token projects
Discount on future AI Products
Mint your passive income access pass using your 50K tokens and join the Elite Tier
Full access to ActualiseAI Dashboard
First access to all new trading products
AltAlgo (Best Selling Signal)
All AltSignal Scripts
Unlimited Watchlists
First access to backtesting
(All the trader features)

$ASI Core Features



The AltSignals Team will take the best performing algorithm, AltAlgo and build a suite of AI inputs to supercharge the performance of your trading experience.

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Future AI Powered Products

Once ActualizeAI has been demonstrated to be effective, we plan to integrate its relevant AI components into other existing signals and algorithms. This opens up a broad range of possibilities to develop a range of AI-powered products.

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The AI Members Club

Members will have the chance to earn $ASI tokens as rewards for their contributions to product development, backtesting, and providing feedback and ideas. These tokens can be accumulated each week, beyond their membership level requirements, to hold or sell for financial gain.

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Deflationary Tokenomics

Invest in a deflationary token with an inbuilt countdown that also gives you access to unique AI trading products that will continuously improve using machine learning and NLP, thus increasing token value and aggressively distributing revenue amongst $ASI holders as the token accrues in value.

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Trading Tournaments

Put your trading skills to the test by participating in our trading tournaments! Compete against other traders and strive for the greatest returns. Showcase your abilities and trade to the top for a chance to win monetary prizes, $ASI Tokens, and recognition as a top trader.

These competitions are open to everyone, from seasoned professionals to individual investors and students alike. Don’t miss this chance to show off your trading expertise and elevate your investment strategy!

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Community Governance

Community governance at AltSignals refers to the mechanism by which stakeholders in a decentralised network make decisions regarding the project’s direction and evolution.

In a community-governed digital currency, decision-making authority is decentralised and transferred to the holders of the project’s tokens, who are considered part of the community.

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Project Overview

AltSignals is set to take its already successful business to new heights with a revolutionary upgrade powered by cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced sentiment analysis.

This will provide traders with a fully automated and 24/7 trading capability using these advanced technologies to improve accuracy, trade entries, more defined risk management and clearer confluences. Advanced sentiment analysis will also be provided to support trading activity.



We will revolutionise the trading game with machine learning! Our algorithm will be expertly trained to identify patterns in market data, giving you the edge you need to make informed trades. With our simple linear regression model, we are predicting the future asset prices with accuracy, based on their historical performance. Join us as we embark on the new frontier of trading technology and experience the enhanced power of AI-driven decisions.

Once we have fully utilised our regression models we will move swiftly towards predictive modelling combined with our progress in natural language processing.

The New ActualizeAI:

We are going to take the best selling AltAlgo product covered above and supercharge it with a new AI layer.


How AltSignals Is Capturing Global Investor Interest

  • 2023 has seen AI go mainstream with huge projects underway from Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), and OpenAI. AltSignals follows suit in harnessing AI to disrupt the trading industry

  • AltSignals has a head start as an established business started in 2017

  • AltSignals’ ActualizeAI will overlay machine learning and natural launguage processing over the already successful AltAlgo™trading indicator

  • The project raised over $100K in the beta stage of the presale from its loyal community of 50K signals users

  • Predictive machine learning will revolutionize futures, options and long-position trading indicators

  • One platform and one source of truth for both traditional and cryptocurrency markets, delivering consistent, highly accurate signals every day

  • Open source code and protocol inviting community development, new projects, new ideas and consequently a faster product evolution

What platforms and assets do we work with?

All of our trade calls whether its digital currency or Forex can be traded on all the major and respected exchanges and brokers.

The digital assets vary, and for Forex we trade all the major pairs, minor pairs and metals.


How to Buy $ASI

Easily purchase $ASI in 5 minutes using USDT or ETH with a trusted wallet provider
  • 1. Connect Wallet

    First, ensure you have a $ASI-supported wallet set up. We recommend Metamask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile. Click “Connect Wallet” to allow AltSignals to interact with your wallet.

    Connect Wallet
  • 2. Buy $ASI

    After you successfully connect your wallet, you can buy $ASI tokens. First ensure you have enough USDT or ETH (you will need some ETH for USDT gas fees), then choose the amount of $ASI tokens you wish to purchase and click “Buy”.

    Note: If you are purchasing with USDT, you will need to click “Approve” first, then “Buy”.

  • 3. Claim

    $ASI tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale. Specific details will be released closer to the time. Once the presale period has concluded, visit the main site ( and click “Claim”.

THe Talent

Meet our team




With a drive to continuously improve trading services, Rod has been leading AltSignals operations since 2018.

His focus has been on product development, working tirelessly to upgrade the AltAlgo proprietary algorithm and manage staff.

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Lead Dev.


MrCode AKA Bartos is the head Pine Script developer and joined the AltSignals team in 2021.

His role is to manage the code and scripts, as well as keep the indicators updated with the latest market conditions and technologies.

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Responsible for maintaining all AltAlgo™ channels and providing technical AltAlgo™ support, JC is the main analyst at AltSignals.

He also manages side projects in developing and improving tools and indicators. To help new users find their way, JC builds video documentation.

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Head of financial conduct and admin, Sasha is the reason AltSignals is known for its top notch support.

She can answer any questions you have relating to AltSignals, especially around signing up and using the services.

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Road Map

The AltSignals team has crafted a completely transparent roadmap aimed at delivering the best possible experience for the community and maximizing value for token holders. As we strive to create the top combined trading and community experience in the industry, this roadmap will evolve over time.

Q1 2023 Preparation

  • Release presale website, whitepaper and tokenomics
  • Light rebrand of main website
  • Full security and smart contract audit by Solid Proof

Q2 2023 Presale

  • $ASI token presale launch
  • Start conceptual design of the AI Dashboard
  • Prepare data for AI
  • Build ML models
  • Commence Feature Engineering
  • Secure Agile NFT Partner for ActualizeAI Pass

Q3 2023 (July- September)

  • Token launch
  • Token listing on Uniswap
  • Token listing on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
  • Launch ActualizeAI Pass NFT Marketplace
  • Expand existing team
  • Brand New Website
  • Implement ML Ops
  • Develop and Train AI Models
  • Secure sentiment analysis partnership
  • Upgrade current AltAlgoTM to automated trading capability
  • 1st private sale opportunity for Access Pass Members

Q4 2023 (October - December)

  • Launch BETA Version of the Actualize Dashboard & Ecosystem
  • Backtest & Validate early AI modelling
  • Create new ActualizeAI backtesting environment inside the dashboard for professional tier members
  • Optimise and release further automations across relevant AltSignals products
  • Bybit, Binance & Binance Futures APIs
  • 2nd private sale opportunity for Access Pass Members
  • Continue to expand team
  • Governance – Set up the proposal and voting structure

Q1 2024

  • Launch ALPHA Version of the ActualizeAI Dashboard & Ecosystem
  • Deploy ActualizeAI into the open market for live trading
  • Start the partnership process with institutions and third parties to licence ActualizeAI
  • Develop real-time dashboard and notifications powered by the sentiment analysis engine
  • Expand utilities and benefits of the AI platform and members
  • Go live with an agreed governance model giving community oversight and decision making powers on products and services

Q2 2024

  • Develop the AltSignals Mobile Application
  • Expand partnership and affiliate deals to fuel further growth
  • New AI Product releases
  • Design 2-Click onboarding for new users
  • Increase marketing to scale gobally
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In total there will be a fixed supply of 500,000,000 (million) $ASI tokens. There will be a total of 290,000,000 tokens (58%) made available for the presale event and these will be released in 5 stages.

16% (80 Million) tokens will be available for product development and the innovation group.

10% (50 Million) will be used for Liquidity provision for Decentralised Exchange listings.

16% (80 Million) will be used for Marketing and listings on Centralised Exchanges.

Once the presale is complete the token allocation will be as follows:

58% Presale | 290m Tokens


16% Marketing | 80m Tokens


16% Development | 80m Tokens


10% Liquidity | 50m Tokens

Join Our Presale

$ASI Token Contract


Presale Stage Information

Presale stage
No of tokens
Token price
Beta Sale
No of tokens40,000,000
Token price0.01200
Stage 1
No of tokens40,000,000
Token price0.01500
Stage 2
No of tokens62,500,000
Token price0.01875
Stage 3
No of tokens72,500,000
Token price0.02100
Stage 4
No of tokens75,000,000
Token price0.02274


Why AltSignals is the first choice for traders?

The most advanced digital asset signals bot for traders.

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Live market/social sentiment analysis

Curated trading signals


Social trading

Trailing stops & limits

Listing Alerts

Behind the scenes


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is a presale?

A presale is a coin or token sale event that occurs before the asset becomes available to the general public in the initial coin offering (ICO). It allows retail buyers to purchase a token at an early-bird price before it is released into circulation and listed on exchanges.

The AltSignals presale is an opportunity to allow investors to buy tokens at a low price, benefiting both the investor when the value increases and the project as it helps to raise funds to move the business forward.

What is AltSignals?

Established in 2017, Alt Signals is a market leader in providing signals and developing algorithm-based indicators. Born amidst the rapid development on the digital currency markets, Alt Signals offers trading signals indicators across digital currency and Binance futures, as well as Forex, CFD and shares.

What network does AltSignals operate on?

The AltSignals $ASI token operates on the Ethereum network. This allows for low-cost token purchases through a secured blockchain. The Ethereum network also enables the $ASI token to be purchased through our DEX during presale and on various exchanges, such as Uniswap, once the token goes live.

What is AltAlgo™?

AltAlgo™ is a fully compliant technical analysis tool used to generate trading signals. Employing the power of machines, AltAlgo™ scans the digital currency and Forex markets, alerting AltSignals users when price action is about to happen. The AltSignals indicator pulls multiple trading strategies and indicators together to provide optimal buy and sell opportunities to traders.

What are the revenue streams for AltSignals?

We will sustain and grow the business through the following revenue streams:

  1. New Customer Acquisition
  2. Expanding capabilities and product lines to existing and new customers
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. White-label opportunities

The number of revenue streams will continue to expand as the product roadmap is delivered and we explore more opportunities in the trading signal space and further afield.

What measures are in place to ensure my digtal currency is protected?

To achieve maximum security for AltSignals and its stakeholders, we will be completely transparent with all actions and token transactions made by AltSignals. In addition, we are working closely with a trusted and renowned third-party auditor to ensure the highest level of security, transparency and professional standards are maintained at all times.

What risk management is in place for $ASI token holders?

Client fund protection and safety is one of our top priorities. Below are a few risk management practices we have in place for the $ASI token holders:

  1. A fully-audited, multi-signature wallet to protect client tokens from hackers.
  2. Management of treasury assets done by multiple keyholders. Two or more private key signatures are required to make a successful transaction to ensure the maintenance of the security and integrity of the treasury function.

How will the token burn and buyback mechanism benefit AltSignals members?

Once the $ASI token is live and in circulation, we will introduce a token-burning mechanism or a buyback strategy. Token burns result in tokens being permanently pulled out of circulation over time, thus lowering the overall circulating supply.

Token buybacks allow the protocol to reduce the token supply in circulation should the community feel it is a productive measure at the chosen moment. An excellent example of why we would buy back the token is to provide bounties for the AltSignals Innovation Group and create upward pressure in the market.

What do the tokenomics of the $ASI look like?

In total there will be a fixed supply of 500 million $ASI tokens. 58 percent of these tokens (290,000,000) will be made available for the presale event and these will be released in four stages.

How will value be transferred to the community?

The $ASI will also act as the central unit of account and value transfer between the various stakeholders within the AltSignals community. Value will be transferred to the community in multiple ways.

Community members can be rewarded with the $ASI token for joining the AltSignals Innovation Group and contributing to bounty projects, including product development, testing and roadmap conversations.

Holding the $ASI token will allow token holders to secure places on whitelists for up-and-coming private sales of new projects partnered with AltSignals. $ASI token holders will also be able to enter prize draws and trading competitions set up by the AltSignals team to earn more tokens.